Aix harness
AIX harness

AIX Harness by ICARO Paragliders

It is ideally suited for beginners, leisure pilots and cross country pilots who put high value on functionality and seating comfort and appreciate the passive safety of a 17 cm thick foam protector.

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The Aix harness by ICARO Paragliders is an all-rounder harness with a high quality foam protector and high seating comfort.

The Aix impresses next to its well-balanced design also with an exceptionally high seating comfort. This is supported by the easily accessible straps. The adjustment during the flight is possible without too much distraction. Thanks to the high-quality material the Aix is a light-weight of its class (3.7 kg size M incl. protector and carabiners). Optionally it is compatible with a relax bar.

Specification Standart-Harness
Weight (Kg) 3,4 3,7 4,2
Max. Load(Kg) 120 120 120
Suspension height (cm) 43 44 47
Carabiner distance (min-max) 35-42 cm 36-42 cm 36-44 cm
Protector-Typ 17 cm foam protector
Rescue position Built-in container under the seat
Check interval 24 month


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Weight 4.2 kg

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