Adventure ZoneAdventure Zone is a professional adventure company that creates and manages wanderlust-fuelled adventures like Paragliding, High Rope Challenge course, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Hiking, Camping and the other extreme spectrum of Himalayan adventure like Hike & Fly, Summit & Fly in the most fascinating realms of the Sikkim Himalayas.

We are based in Sikkim once a former Himalayan kingdom and a popular hill station of India, We combine adventure travel with explorations that offer immersive exciting experiences in Sikkim. We craft our adventure for those looking for a taste of adventure and believe in the magic of instant adventure. Our adventures offer you an opportunity to test your limits, to discover something new, to find yourself; whether you’re alone on a mountaintop or with a group, flying, riding off the beaten track, crossing the river on a zip line or camping under a starlit sky with the mighty Mt Kanchenjunga backdrop. Adventure with us is much more than braving the elements. It is about embracing unique experiences and a lifetime memories.

We, at Adventure Zone, strive to make adventure fun, safe and approachable for all. Adventure with us does not necessarily mean high risk, extreme activities and fatigue inducing sports.

We ensure that we execute all our adventure activities in a very safe & controlled environment as well as under the vigilant supervision and assistance by our qualified instructors; pilots and support staffs who are very experienced and responsible with their duties.

We believe that, there is an adventurer within all of us which is yearning for a moment where it can break free, that blissful moment can be experienced with Adventure Zone’s Safe Adventure policy without having to put your life on the edge.

We are located at Banjhankri waterfall park one of the popular tourist destination, which is 10kms from the main town of Gangtok.
Adventure Zone is a one stop adventure destination for everybody from Kids to Adults.

We offer various adventure activities like

  • Paragliding Tandem Rides
  • High Rope challenge course,
  • Zip line (flying fox),
  • Mountain biking
  • Camping
  • Day Hike
  • Camping & Flying and other extreme adventures on demand.

Else you can just have a refreshing walk within the beautiful Banjhankri waterfall park.

Alongside our office we have restaurant (Hotel Banjhankri) which caters to your taste buds longing for local as well as widespread cuisine. Don’t miss the mouthwatering Pan Fried Momos we serve here, which seem more delicious after a twenty minute flight through the valleys.


ISO 9001:2015

Adventure Zone is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

Raju Rai

Raju Rai

Team Leader – Adventure Zone
Chief Technical officer – Sikkim Paragliding Association

Raju Rai started paragliding basic training in the year 2008 and progressed to cross country flying at Bir-Billing in 2010-2013. Then, after acquiring considerable flying experience and the must needed SIV course at Pokhara (Nepal), He started flying tandem from year 2013 and also has a background of competition flying in international comps and pre-world cups since year 2010 till year 2013.

“He has been sky guiding visiting pilots in Sikkim, Darjeeling and Nepal, esteemed clients include personal from Indian Air force, Canadian, American and Korean pilots. Since 2010, he have been fully involved in promoting the nascent Sikkim paragliding to the main stream paragliding fraternity in India & abroad by participating in paragliding festivals at Yellagiri (Tamil-Nadu); Kamshet, Panchgani, (Uttarakhand) and other paragliding events in India and Nepal. During this course of time, he worked to introduce Sikkim paragliding to Paragliding Association of India (PAI) and then successfully organized the 1st Sikkim Paragliding Festival in 2012 with technical backing from PAI.”

“He also have identified and established good flying sites after many test flights like Bulbuley dara and Baliman dara at Gangtok which has become the commercial hub for tandem flying which has benefitted all our pilots and adventure tourism of Sikkim. Now Sikkim is listed as a paragliding destination in the travel flying guide published by Cross Country international paragliding magazine from England.”

Mr. Rai also introduced the “Hike & Fly” concept in Sikkim and has successfully flown from places like Phoktey dara (Indo-Nepal border). He proved the possibility of “Summit & Fly in Sikkim Himalayas”; a different discipline of paragliding famous in European Alps by summiting and flying from Mt Tinchenkhang (6000mts) in October 2014. A record in the Indian paragliding scene.

Raju Rai and Ian Currer
With IAN Currer, Asst. Technical Officer BHPA

He is the only Sikkimese pilot and among a handful of Indian pilots to pass the stringent PAI-PPPI/BHPA dual flying examination. Be assured that you will be in good hands while flying with the team lead by person with such experience under his belt.