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Supplied as standard:
- Harness
- 2 automatic double locking carabineers
- Foot strap

Optional accessories:
- Cocoon adjustable in length and angle accommodating easy entry and exit.
- Accelerator pulley adjustable in height and depth

Harness features:
- Certification EN and LTF
PH 047.2013
GZ 047.2013
- Size S (155-169 cm), M ( 165-180 cm) and L (175-195 cm)
- Weight: 3,6 kg ( harness size M)
- Colour: black and green
- Protección system: Airbag
- Rescue compartment placed under the seat
- 2 automatic double locking carabineers
- Two buckle security
- Ronstan pulleys to offer less effort and more fluidity when using the speed bar.
- Easily adjustable positioning.
- Easy shoulder and leg adjustments.
- 2 rapid accessible during the flight zipped pockets on each side of the harness accessible
- Visible rings to attach ballast, cockpit instruments or towing bridle.
- Neopreno to cover up the inside space
- Mesh on all the components, which are in contact with the pilot allowing superior comfort and excellent ventilation.

Rucksack features:
- Back integral zip
- Ziped side pocket in the central-back part of the harness
- Large window to enable glider/pilot identification.
- Shoulder and belt adjustments
- Straps on each side for quick and easy compression. .
- Improved belt at the hip level at the correct level with multifunction pockets
- Mesh on shoulders and back side allowing superior comfort and excellent ventilation.
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