The alpine terrain of Sikkim demands tough adventure experience. What more that you can experience the rigged and smooth terrain of Sikkim in a mountain Bike. Get close to nature and experience the sights and sounds of the wilderness first hand. Halt where you like , take a dip at a flowing pure stream and get lost to discover yourself.

Mountain Biking Tour

Mountain biker can choose from number of tracks from least treacherous to extreme treacherous route, but you can be ensured of a picturesque view of Sikkim landscape.

Sikkim has innumerable mountain biking routes and tours, some of them are easy downhill track and some routes will really challenging the adventurer in you.

Gangtok - Rumtek - Sang - Sirwani - Temi - Damthang - Rabong - Kewzing - Tashiding - Yusum - Pelling - Dentam
- Rinchenpong - Soreng - Sombaria - Jorthang - Namchi - Rangpo.
Gangtok- Phodong- Rangrang- Dikchu Makha- Sirwani- Temi.
Gangtok- Rumtek- Sangh- Sirwani- Temi- Namchi- Jorethang- Melli.
Gangtok- Rumtek- Sang- Sirwani- Temi- Namchi- Namthang- Rangpo

Other Mountain biking routes in Sikkim:
Rangpo- Rhenock- Rongli- Barapathing- Pakyong- Ranipool-Gangtok-Rumtek-Sang- Temi-Ravang-Tashiding-Pelling-Khechopalri Lake-Yuksom-Rabong-Dikchu-Mangan-Lachung-Yumthang and back.

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