Niviuk T-shirt

Niviuk T-shirt

The Original Niviuk T Shirt – different by design
The Niviuk "Original" T-shirt with its very distinctive asymmetric design will make you stand out from the rest.

The design style and manufacturing qualities using soft cotton, bring natural comfort and a sense of well-being. The men's cut has a rounded collar worn close to the body (for people who prefer a slightly casual fit, we advise selecting one size up). The women's has a tailored ā€œVā€ cut collar for a more feminine look.

Technical details
-For durability the "Original" logo has been applied to the T-shirts using the process of sublimation. No more transfers or logos peeling off the fabric.
-The chosen high quality cotton can be machine washed and lightly ironed.

Available in three male and two female sizes :

Male Sizes :
M > 1.50m – 75kg
L > 1.80m – 85kg
XL > 1.90m – 100kg

Female Sizes :
S > 1.60m – 55kg
M > 1.70m – 65kg
L > 1.75m – 75kg
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